Refund under GST as per Section 54

Published Date: 05-Dec-2017 11:41 AM

What can be claimed as Refund:

  • ANY balance amount in electronic ledger so claimed in returns,

  • ANY unutilized input tax credit (weather supply has been made as Zero-rated or Taxable supply but can’t be  claimed if supply is NIL Rated or EXEMPTED)

  • Tax paid by any specified agency (Like UN, Red Cross, Embassies)

What procedures need to be followed?

  • File application u/s 54(1) within 2 years if claiming refund of any tax or interest paid by him, this can be claimed by filing return “RFD-1”

  • File application u/s 54(1) anytime to claim refund in the return furnished u/s 39 of any amount available in electronic cash ledger u/s 49(6), this can be claimed by filing return “GSTR-3/4/7”

If you have any balance in GST Credit account or you have paid the Tax/Interest, and you wish to claim the same as refund please contact us.