How to File Income Tax Returns?

Filing income tax returns has its benefits. By doing so, you will be able to track your creditworthiness with the help of income tax return status. In addition to that, filing income tax returns makes you eligible for refunds, if your tax payment has exceeded your actual tax obli[...]

Taxation on Sale of Shares and Securities

The rise and fall of capital gains play a vital role on the taxation on the sale of shares and securities. How? Simple, if there is a rise in the capital gains and you don't sell your shares then you will incur a loss. Similarly, if there is a fall in your capital gains and you s[...]

Taxation on Sale of Property

You have a property in Bangalore and you want to sell it. But, selling a property in Bangalore comes with its own set of problems. Of course, you have to look for a buyer and you have to get your paperwork done. However, there are also taxes included in the sale of a property. Ye[...]

Tax Benefits to Salaried Employees

Being a salaried employee has its perks. No, not just your salary, there are also tax benefits that you can enjoy as a salaried employee. Whether you are working for a startup or an MNC, as a salaried employee you can enjoy the following tax benefits: Of course, when we are talk[...]

Claiming House Rent Allowance Benefits in Income Tax Returns

So, you have been working in a company, for more than a year now. But, you have never come across the term HRA benefits. As a result, you don't know how to claim it. Before knowing about claiming your HRA benefits, let us know about it. HRA is an allowance that can be claimed by [...]

Where and How to Register for GST?

Ever since its recent hike, topics regarding GST (Goods and Services Tax) have been widely discussed. Especially, topics regarding GST registration and GST form. So, without much delay, we will tell you where and how can you register for GST.Where Can You Register For GST?Of cour[...]

What are the Different Tax Brackets?

We all are aware of the fact that we all have to pay tax. Usually, the amount of income tax depends on the income of the person. However, how much do we really know about the tax brackets? And what qualifies someone to enter the tax bracket? Let us find out. Income Tax BracketThe[...]

All About Tax Audit

The audit of the accounts of the income taxpayer in pursuance of the requirement of section 44AB of Income Tax Act, 1961 by a chartered accountant is called tax audit.Tax Audit and its Legal ProvisionsAs per section 44AB, it is compulsorily required for the following persons to c[...]

Find Auditors for Your Company's Internal Audit Requirements

Internal control and internal audits are interlinked mechanisms and processes, within an organization to ensure that it adheres to certain standards in its conduct and management. Internal control, as the name suggests, refers to the 'controls' that are put in place within [...]

Company or Other Business Entities: Know it Before You Own it

An artificial person with a separate entity, perpetual succession, and common seal brought to existence by the law is a COMPANY. However, generally people use the term 'COMPANY' for any group of people or and business, which is technically and legally not correct, herewith, we a[...]

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