What are the differences between Partnership Firm and Company?

Many a times you may come across terms like “Partnership Firm” and “Company”. But, have you ever wondered, how are they any different from one another? Don’t worry, in this article we will explain the differences to you.We hope this article helped you to understand the [...]

Loan to Directors Section 185

There has been a time in our lives when we have sought for a loan. The directors are no different, they would have their requirements and they would look for loans. But, have you wondered how the procedure of giving a loan to director under section 185 of Companies Act 2013 work?[...]

The differences between One Person Company, Private Limited Company, and Limited Liability Partnerships

Different people have different types of approaches to business and hence, we get to see different types of companies. But, have you ever thought of diving deep to know about these differences? Here are the details. Those were a lot of details, don’t you think? Do you have[...]

Notices under sec 139(9) and 154

Have you ever thought about sections 139(9) and 154? Ever wondered what is it about? To help you out, in this article, we have discussed elaborately about these sections. So, without further ado, let us get started. Section 139(9): Defective Income Tax ReturnIn this case, Assessi[...]

Procedure for Reporting of Foreign Investment to RBI

Ever wondered what is the procedure for reporting of foreign investment to RBI? Want to know? Here it is. Every Indian Company who receives FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) needs to report such FDI inflow to Reserve bank of India. Therefore this is my attempt to clarify the proced[...]

Four Rules for NRIs to Follow

So, you are an NRI residing outside India and earning Income from outside India, but you have your resources in India. However, because you are staying outside the country, you are not aware of the rules that are applicable to you. To help you with all the hassle, here [...]

Tax Effect on Sale of Property in India for NRI

Are you an NRI looking to sell his property in India? If yes, then these are the few things that you need to know.Tax effect on sale of property in India for NRI’sAs you have a property/capital asset in India and you want to sell it and you need to understand the Income Tax eff[...]

Input Tax Credit on GST

Input Credit Mechanism is available to you when you are covered under the GST Act. So, if  you are a manufacturer, supplier, agent e commerce operator, aggregator, or any of the persons mentioned here, registered under GST, you are eligible to claim Input Credit fo[...]

Cancellation of GST Registration

A lot has been said and done about the cancellation of GST Registration. As a result we decided to write about it. Got questions? Please don’t be worried as in this article all your questions will be answered. Who can cancel registration? 1. Proper officer on his own motion 2. [...]

Appointment and Resignation of Directors

Have you ever wondered how the members of the board of directors get appointed or how do they leave their positions? Well, wonder no more, in this article we will tell you all about appointment and resignation of directors. APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTORSAs per Section 149(1), every com[...]

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